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These demo's require Internet Explorer 5.0+ with VML enabled.

Interactive 3D-vml rendering - Naltabyte has created an interactive 3D engine using xml.

VML Map of Canada - one of our first maps!

Interactive Night-sky Plot - Causeway has published the original APL Starmap using VML.  A fully interactive application.

3D Interactive VML - Gareth has taken VML to the next level.  Users can rotate, change colors and more, all in 3D!

Examples of Charts - Causeway shows how you can use VML to display a wide range of charts and graphs.

VML Animations - Phillip Richards has put together some great animations.  This is a must see!

NEW VML UML Modeling Tool - Vorun Kreal has developed an interactive UML modeling tool called XCool. XCool allows you to interactively add nodes and relationships between nodes in your browser. Very neat!


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